Palawan Island – Voted Number 1 Island To Visit

Palawan island is becoming one of the top destinations to visit thanks to a lot of celebrities recently visiting, enjoy white sand You beaches here with some amazing diving spots

Where Is Palawan Island?

What To Do In Palawan Island

​Palawan island is famous for several things, probably the main reason to visit Palawan are the beaches that are some of the best in the world, but palawan has more to offer guests including scuba diving, snorkeling and the underground caves where you can join a tour and take a kayak through these amazing caves

Where To Stay In Palawan

​Palawan offers guests a wide range of beach resorts to chose from all ranging in prices from anything from $30 per night upto $150 depending on the location and facilities of the beach resort. There are more options of where to stay including backpacker hostels that are perfect for anyone on a budget and a wide range of hotels and resorts that are not on the beaches but very close to them and easily accessible by walking a short distance

Weather In Palawan

The weather in Palawan is quite different from the rest of the Philippines as the island is located in the south of the country, not getting affected by weather cycles like other islands in the country

Shopping In Palawan

​with palawan being a large island, there are some malls for shopping and plenty of local stores selling handmade items but the island is not as commercial as other destinations like Manila and Cebu

Where To Eat

​Many of the resorts and hotels have their own restaurants for guests to enjoy local and international dishes, walking along the beach or through the town you can find many types of restaurants to chose from

What Things Cost In Palawan

Prices of accommodations are fairly cheap in palawan, you can get a nice beach resort for around $50 (average), the food is well priced too, meaning you can enjoy this paradise island for cheaper than you might think

Getting To Palawan Island

​The main way to get to Palawan is by air, Palawan has its own international airport that has direct flights to many other destinations in the Philippines and international flights to and from countries in asia

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