Bohol Island, Philippines – A Beginners Guide

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Where Is Bohol Island?

Bohol is located in the central visayan region of the Philippines, you can use the map below to scroll in and out to see specifically where the island of Bohol is located, popular tourist areas are Panglao Island (you can see this is the bottom left of this map) and Anda beach (you can see this on the right hand side of the map). The main city of Bohol island is called Tagbilaran and hosts the airport and ferry port which will be your first port of call when coming to Bohol

Bohol Island is located in the central visayan region of the Philippines

What To Do In Bohol

Bohol Island is not that known to tourists from its beaches, but does has some beautiful white sandy beaches like in panglao, Bohol is popular with scuba divers due to many reefs available off its coast. there are lots of place s to see and do in Bohol, let’s look ATM the top three things to do in Bohol

Where To Stay In Bohol

Bohol has some of the best resorts in the philippines, the best thing about Bohol is it’s not as well known as many of the other islands so the beaches are not as crowded, the prices for beach resorts are really cheap compared places like boracay and cebu

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Weather In Bohol Island

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Shopping In Bohol

bohol doesn’t have large shopping malls like Manila or Cebu but does have many local markets perfect for buying local sourced goods and foods

Where To Eat In Bohol Island

Bohol Island has many bars, restaurants and cafes to chose from for your dining needs, most of the beach resorts and hotels have their own restaurant serving local and international foods. Also there are many local restaurants located in the main tourist areas that serve local foods

What Things Cost In Bohol

Bohol Island is cheap in comparison to other destinations including the accommodation and foods, most of the activities are in similar price to other areas of the country, tours, scuba diving and entrance fees are inline with government reccomendations

Getting To Bohol Island

By Air​

The best way of getting to Bohol is by plane via the airport in Tagbilaran, but the airport is only small and does not have international flights right now but that could change in the future, you can fly from manila to Bohol which makes it handy if your international flight is arriving in Manila. We would recommend using Cebu Pacific Air for your internal flights within the Philippines

By Boat

Daily ferry services are from Cebu City to Tagbilaran making it easy to get to if your either in Cebu already or arriving on a international flight in Cebu.The 3 main ferry services from Cebu to Bohol are listed below so you can check your itinerary with each service and times

Getting From Airport/Ferry Terminal To Hotel/Beach Resort

Many of the beach resorts offer a pickup/dropoff service for their guests where they will arrange to meet you at either the ferry port or the airport making your journey hassle free, just to note that there may be an additional charge for this service and it's best to contact your hotel provider after your confirmed booking and let them know your expected arrival in Bohol

The other option is taking public or private transport that is readily available at the ferry port or airport​ to your final destination, the prices will vary depending on the type of transport you chose from and of course where your hotel/beach resort is located

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