Boracay Island – A Beach Lovers Paradise

Boracay Island is a small tropical paradise famous for its white sandy beaches, scuba diving and nightlife. For those visitors who are looking to lounge on one of the many white sandy beaches then this is the place to come

Where Is Boracay Island

What To Do In Boracay

The first thing we must tell you is Boracay is beach heaven, so if your wanting to catch some rays on the beach there are 9 others to visit and explore apart from the main white beach

Just like the other tourist islands in the Philippines water sport activities are everywhere and available to book at your hotel reception

Scuba diving is huge in Boracay and with some of the best diving spots in Asia, even if your not a qualifies diver , you can get your course right here in Boracay then you can join the more experienced divers at some of the diving spots dotted just off the coast of Boracay, many of them being a short 10-15 minutes boat ride away from th beach

Many of the beach resorts have sun loungers available for guest with amaz g views of the sea,, there are several life guards on duty during the day so snorkelling or paddling with your children is very safe.. therare m y small fish that swim close to the beach, perfect viewing for the little ones that can’t swim

Making sand castles,, Boracay has a well known reputation for its large and wow factor sand castles, of course you may wish to join in yourself,, every month then have a contest as to who can make the best sandcastles, maybe yours could be the winner

Where To Stay In Boracay

Boracay has so many choices of where to stay and caters for many budgets and needs, the beach resorts are all located on white beach with the majority of the hotel s being behind them but still with some amazing views of the sea. Backpacking is popular on Boracay and for a little amount of cash you can stay with other frackers, make some friends during your journey

Below are the options for where to stay

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Weather in Boracay

Boracay is not so different to the rest of the Philippines, the weather is mostly warm and dry, there are two seasons the dry (may to June) and the wet season (June to June). The table below shows the average monthly temperature you can expect during your visit to the island


The biggest mall on the island is located just off white beach, it’s called D’mall and there you will find many shops and food outlets. of course along the main highway there are local shops selling local goods and foods

Where To Eat

Many of the beach resorts have restaurants and we would reccomend you walk along the beach and try some of them, even if your not a paying guest staying there your more than welcome to use the restaurant,, also along the main beach area are other restaurants serving local foods, amaerican, Japanese and expect a lot of fresh sea food available

What things cost

Lest have a look at the average prices of things in Boracay, comparable to the rest of the Philippines Boracay Island is a little more expensive because of the popularity of the island

How to pay during your stay

There are 8 ATM machines on the island so cash is readily available but just to note that on occasion they might be empty and sometimes are not refilled with cash for 24 hours and more during the weekends,, we would reccomend bringing some cash with you that you can leave in your hotel room safe just on the offchance

Getting there

So now you have seen what’s available on Boracay, let’s look at how you get there

Flying; many of you will be taking a flight either internationally or via Manila, there are 2 airports that service Boracay which you can fly into. The first one being kalibo that’s on the nearby island of….. from there you need to take a bus from the airport to the ferry port that then brings you over to Boracay ferry port, from there you can get transport to your hotel

The other airport is caticlan airport that’s actually situated on Boracay itself, making it more accessible and quicker to arrive at your hotel or beach resort

Many of the beach resorts have a pick up service that will arrange your pickup on arrival at either airport, you just have to contact them and tell them your flight details

Travel Tips

Beware of scams,, yes this is a paradise but remember the country is very poor and some locals will take try to take advantage. This to be aware of are:

Agents; as you arrive either at the airport or the ferry port there maybe some “agents” waiting to try to sell hotel or beach resort rooms to the visitors that have not already booked,, just note that these “agents” often will book your hotel room and charge you double the hotels rates for booking, so our advice is to book online with a reputable hotel booking company in advance

Transport; the main way of getting around the island (as its small) is by tricycle as there are not any taxis, just be aware that many of the drivers will hang around the entrance of the popular beach resorts and hotels hoping to get a fare, you may end up paying upto 10x the normal fare.. our advice is to reject any drivers hanging around out side and flag down one that is passing by that has some locals on

Beach; During your stay on Boracay island you of course may be spending a lot of time relaxing on the beautiful beach, many locals will come upto you and try to sell you items like shells and paintings, it’s your choice to buy or not but these sellers can be very persistent so when saying no make it a clear no and don’t get into a conversation as they will keep you talking forever while trying to give you the big sell, many of the beach resorts and hotel have security and then will promptly move on these sellers so that your not disturbed





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