Manila City – A Quick Guide To The Capitol

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Where’s Is Manila?

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What To Do In Manila

Manila City has many types of things to do, mostly Manila is known for it’s nightlife and shopping areas but dotted around the city are lots of historical buildings you can take a look around

Where To Stay In Manila

As expected like in many other large metropolitan cities, manila has such a wide variety of places to stay, from backpacker hostels to 5* hotels. Of course one thing to remember is there are not any beach resorts here, this is a large busy city and for the beaches you will have to go out further afield

Weather In Manila

The weather in Manila is very unique, most of the time there is low lying clouds that obscure the sun but it can be clear blue skies expescially during the dry season, the weather can change quickly in Manila but even if it’s raining the warm air soon dries you out

Shopping In Manila City

There are many large shopping malls in manila, with it being the capital you can expect a huge selection of shopping malls that cater to international brands and not to forget the local shops and markets where prices for goods are cheap

Where To Eat In Manila

Eating out in Manila City is not a problem at all, many of the hotels have restaurants and the popualr nightlife areas of Makati have numerous restaurants serving local and international dishes

What Things Cost In Manila City

Manila is pretty much at the high end of prices for the Philippines, as with any major city the prices for accommodation, foods and goods are more expensive in the city than other areas of the country

Although saying that, you can still eat out really cheap if you pick the right restaurant and accommodation varies in prices with the lows being hostels (average $8 per night) and even some hotels here are only $25 per night

The cost of getting around as a tourist is fairly expensive here, the taxi rates are much higher here than anywhere else in the country, but don’t forget the local jeepenys have a standard rate and really cheap for getting around the city

Getting To Manila

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