Surfing Philippines – 5 Best Surfing Spots To Visit 2017

In this post you will discover the best places to go Surfing Philippines, probably not too well known in Asian for surfing, but The Philippines has some amazing surfing spots that any surfer should know about before visiting this beautiful country

Surfing Philippines – 5 Best Spots

Surfing Philippines: Baler, Aurora

Baler is known as the Birthplace of Surfing in the Philippines. In 1979, the production crew from Apocalypse discovered the spot and started surfing there, leaving their board for the locals; thus the Philippine Surf Culture was conceived. Baler is located approximately 6 hours drive away from Manila and can be accessed by tourists via public bus.

To get to Belar from Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila, take the taxi to the Genesis Transport bus terminal in Quezon city and then take the bus to Baler.

The Beaches:
● A break was inadvertently created by the local government engineers when they opened the mouth of Baler Bay to the town river in a flood prevention effort, Charlie’s Point is the famous surf beach which was shot in the film. It provides both medium sized and quality breaks from both the left and the right, depending on the swell. This beach is recommended for all surfers.
● Cemento beach has a strong right hand reef break and is the place to find the biggest, cleanest epic waves in Baler, perfect for advanced surfers. Wetsuits are recommended.
● Sabang beach is best for novice surfers, providing small to medium sized waves

Where To Stay In Baler?

Surfing Philippines: La Union

San Juan beach is the primary surfing beach and very heart of La Union. Even though the beach at San Juan is actually just one long beach strip, it boast three surfing spots loved by the local surfers.
● The point is at the far right of the strip. It’s a great reef/point break which gives you a fantastic short left hand as well as the long right.
● The Bowl is the middle section of the beach.
● The Beach Break is found on the left side of La Union’s strip and is perfect for both rights and lefts.

Other La Union Beaches:
● Darigayos beach is 30 minutes north of San Juan and it gives you clean waves, both with the right and left breaks.
● Bacnotan beach can be found near La Union’s cement factory, 10 minutes away from San Juan beach. It has a beautiful wave which gives you great long rides

Where To Stay In San Juan (La Union)

Surfing Philippines: Siargao

Siargao is a tropical paradise in the South East Philippines. Best renowned for its surfing, it boasts an incomparable blend of warm water, deserted beaches, chilled vibes, epic waves and an unlimited fresh supply of coconuts.

To get to Siargao, catch a Cebu Pacific Airways flight from the island of Cebu t the island of Siargao. Then, board the shuttle headed for General Luna, which is the island’s chief surfing town. While on the 0 minute long drive, you will get to catch a glimpse of daily life on the island, passing by lush forestry, large water buffalo, rice fields and thatched roof stilted homes on the roadside.

The Beaches:
● Many surfing classes meet at G1 beach, as well as the locals – so it can get crowded. G1 breaks both left and right and is best at high tide.
● Located in front of an actual cemetery, Cemetery beach is a long 15 minute paddle from the shore and is best at low tide.
● Should you be a fan of lefts, then Stimpy’s beach is ideal. A whole 10 minute offshore boat ride ensures that is is much less crowded. Here you will find two breaks, the larger one being the inside break which is optimal between low and mid tide.
● Cloud 9 is Siargao’s most popular break and often plays host to global surfing competitions. It has an intense high tide reef break which gives you consistent barrels from the right and the left, but it is only for advanced surfers

Where To Stay In Siargao?

Surfing Philippines: Samar

Samar was recently proclaimed the Surf Capital of the Visayas Region and it really is a surfer’s treat. The surf here is primarily provided by reef breaks which every so often create epic hollow tubes during surfing season.

To get to Eastern Samar from Manila, fly via Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific or Zest Air to Tacloban on Leyte Island. From Tacloban Airport, take the shuttle to Tacloban City where you can take either the van or the bus to Eastern Samar.

The Breaks:
● Shitty Beach is a river mouth with a sandy bottom which runs for 150m.
● Talisay is a great spot for expert surfers, with waves that break from deep to shallow reef. On a big swell it can hold waves bigger than double overhead – this is not for the fainthearted!
● Accessible only by boat, Anahaw beach has a nice left hand break.
● Puro is a reef break which works very well during high tide; it’s a beautiful left hand with a tubing section.
● Bato is a right hand, beach break which breaks off a few peaks.
● Boulevard is the surf spot closest to town, a great place to try surfing first thing in the morning or at sunset. Boulevard is a fast right hand beach break with a tubing section

Where To Stay In Samar?

Surfing Philippines: Real, Quezon

Real’s beaches don’t have the same white sands as the other, but it still has all that you would look for in a surfing vacation destination. With its awe-inspiring waterfalls, the rich green forest, and the rapidly raging river which is just perfect for water rafting and let’s not forget the epic Pacific swell, Real has something other Luzon surfing spots don’t have.

Real, Quezon has the shortest route from Metro Manila to the Pacific Ocean. To get there via the Antipolo route, take a Raymond bus from Legarda, Manila heading for Infanta. Ask the conductor to let you jump off in Real, which is about 4 hours into the trip. If you are coming from the south, use the Lucena route where you can grab a bus in the Lucena Grand Terminal which will take you to Real in about 5 hours.

Real has three main waterfalls and to see; the Cawayan Falls, the Balagbag Falls and The Nonok Falls. The Nonok Falls and the Balagbag Falls are just a few miles from each other and can be reached quite easily. It only takes around 7 minutes to walk from the Road to Nonok Falls and around 3 minutes to the Balagbag Falls

Where To Stay In Real?

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